Who are the Specialists

The dedication of time, care and life-long passion to their craft is the distinguishing characteristic of ‘The Specialist Winegrowers of New Zealand’, the select group of ultra premium artisan winemakers who have each chosen to specialise in a single grape variety or style. Between them the group produces some of the best New Zealand wines, these are specialty wines… Gewurtztraminer, Cabernet Blends, Methode Traditionelle, Syrah, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc.

Destiny Bay Wines

Mike Spratt / Destiny Bay

Destiny Bay Vineyards is nestled in a small, wind sheltered valley on Waiheke Island. The combination of gently contoured slopes, warm northerly aspect, cracking clay soils, and meticulous winemaking practices, creates an ideal environment for the crafting of Cabernet blends, artisan wines that are delicately balanced, full-bodied, and distinctive.

Fairbourne Estate Wines

Sarah Inkersell / Fairbourne Estate

Fairbourne, is where we designed and built our first home on a north facing hillside overlooking the vineyards of Marlborough’s Wairau Valley. Confident of our collective industry experiences we conceived the concept of a rare wine, a world class dry white wine named Fairbourne.

The Hay Paddock Wines

Chris Canning / The Hay Paddock

After 30 years debate as to the perfect variety and the perfect climate for the production of an outstanding red wine, Chris Canning and Bryan Mogridge chose Waiheke Island for the planting of a 15,000 vine vineyard devoted to Syrah.

No.1 Family Estate Wines

Daniel Le Brun / No 1 Family Estate

Award-winning champagne-maker, Daniel Le Brun, pioneered the production of Methode Traditionelle wine in Marlborough. Arriving in the province in 1980 he planted the first grapes specifically selected and grown for the production of this wine style. Set in Marlborough’s beautiful Wairau Valley, No 1 Family Estate is his second venture and was founded in 1997.

Vinoptima Estate Wines

Nick Nobilo / Vinoptima

Vinoptima is a single variety, 10 hectare vineyard estate in Ormond, near Gisborne on the East Coast of New Zealand’s North Island. It is the creation of one man – pioneering New Zealand winemaker Nick Nobilo. The vision for Vinoptima is simply to produce the world’s best Gewurtztraminer.

Wooing Tree Vineyard Wines

Steve Farquharson / Wooing Tree

Wooing Tree is a family owned single vineyard estate situated next to the town of Cromwell in Central Otago. A local landmark, the Wooing Tree sits prominently in the middle of the vineyard and has long been a popular place for locals to woo their lovers.

Gewurtztraminer GrapesNew Zealand vineyard with Nikau palmsGrape vine in autumn

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